I have been working on these …

I have been working on a new type of Art…. Magnet Art… the first 3 in this series has been donated to Arrowtown Plunket for their fundraiser later this year…. more details to follow.
These artworks are painted onto  Canvas Boards  100mm x 100mm x 3mm with magnets attached to the back
The first artworks in this series are butterflies but there will be more designs to follow… 🙂

3 butterfly fridge magnets - Fund Raiser for Arrowtown Plunket

 Double Click on Images to enlarge them! 

 Common Clubtail Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly and Gold-drop Helicopis Butterrly


more Art Magnets ...

 Double Click on images to enlarge them!

Top Row  1) Brown-veined white Butterfly. 2) Blue Pansy Butterfly. 3) Beak Butterfly
Bottom Row 1) Monarch Butterfly. 2) Blue Morpho Butterfly. 3) Cairns Birdwing Butterfly

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