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Drawing – A Process that Starts with a Mark..

I would really like to thank my good friend Deanna Gracie, not only is she a dear friend but a fabulous Jewellery Designer living in South Shore Christchurch … http://www.nzjewellerydesign.com/news-blog for inspiring me to get back to drawing again ! 

I have a habbit of wherever I go I seem to collect interesting objects… so I have started out to draw some of the interesting things I have collected.

Just a quick tip!  sometimes it is easier to take a photo of what you are drawing to see it in a 2 dimensional way rather than the 3d way we see from our perspective… looking back at these quick sketches I can see lots of things that I needed to do to make them more 3d etc… but must admit haven’t drawn in a very long time… so will be trying to draw one a day for a while and will post on here.. will be interesting to look back and see the improvement over time 😉

Still life drawings

My entrance to the art world started about 36 years ago as a child…. “drawing”.

In those days I didn’t start out by drawing objects or  still life as I now know it, but used to copy from a favourite Walt Disney Book!

I have fond memories sitting for hours upon hours drawing, sketching, rubbing out, sketching some more and then adding colour to my finished sketches.   Then as I started High School I fell in love with the process of Art  and Painting, I painted my way through School, but  life flies by so quickly and as our lives get busier and busier, work, marriage and then family, over time I grew away from painting.  When my children were young around 5 and 10 I picked up a paint brush for the first time in years! and like an old glove I just slipped right back into it!

Who would have thought that sitting at my kitchen table at  7 yrs old nearly 36 years ago would have attributed to my major passion and focus in life today!

Thank you Deanna for 1st being a great friend and 2nd for reminding me of my Art Roots ! and allowing me to return to them for a while and share them with you all!  


Update- Welcome to 2012!

Hi everyone, just realised that I have not used this blog in well over a year ! not good enough as from now I will be updating what I am up to on this blog and attach the link to my website !

Hope everyone has had a Great Xmas Break and Fantastic New Year! and getting ready for an even Better 2012 !!

Talk soon!

cheers Donna

I have been working on these …

I have been working on a new type of Art…. Magnet Art… the first 3 in this series has been donated to Arrowtown Plunket for their fundraiser later this year…. more details to follow.
These artworks are painted onto  Canvas Boards  100mm x 100mm x 3mm with magnets attached to the back
The first artworks in this series are butterflies but there will be more designs to follow… 🙂

3 butterfly fridge magnets - Fund Raiser for Arrowtown Plunket

 Double Click on Images to enlarge them! 

 Common Clubtail Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly and Gold-drop Helicopis Butterrly


more Art Magnets ...

 Double Click on images to enlarge them!

Top Row  1) Brown-veined white Butterfly. 2) Blue Pansy Butterfly. 3) Beak Butterfly
Bottom Row 1) Monarch Butterfly. 2) Blue Morpho Butterfly. 3) Cairns Birdwing Butterfly

DS Design…..

Introducing my new logo for my cards under DS Design (Donna Steel Design)



Takamatua … see what a little texture can do …

I have started to add some vines and leaves to this artwork…by the way the leaves are handmade by myself … a little time-consuming but well worth it in the end I think!

Takamutua ... vines and some leaves ... still a work in progress...

Close up detail of the handmade leaves and vine

Picked up my brush to continue on my Arrowtown…

Finally picked up my oil brushes!! and started back working on this artwork….
Today I have started detail on the trees, and grass…. still a long ways to go… 😉

Arrowtown "still a work in progress"

Close up - starting to add some detail to the trees and grass


lol … yes you guessed it …. I changed a bit on this wee one…. the background and I have made the trees 2dimensional ! not too sure if I am going to add another wee Tomtit on the tree…. just going to think about it a bit more…. but so far this is where I am up to.
Talk soon   🙂