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Drawing – A Process that Starts with a Mark..

I would really like to thank my good friend Deanna Gracie, not only is she a dear friend but a fabulous Jewellery Designer living in South Shore Christchurch … http://www.nzjewellerydesign.com/news-blog for inspiring me to get back to drawing again ! 

I have a habbit of wherever I go I seem to collect interesting objects… so I have started out to draw some of the interesting things I have collected.

Just a quick tip!  sometimes it is easier to take a photo of what you are drawing to see it in a 2 dimensional way rather than the 3d way we see from our perspective… looking back at these quick sketches I can see lots of things that I needed to do to make them more 3d etc… but must admit haven’t drawn in a very long time… so will be trying to draw one a day for a while and will post on here.. will be interesting to look back and see the improvement over time 😉

Still life drawings

My entrance to the art world started about 36 years ago as a child…. “drawing”.

In those days I didn’t start out by drawing objects or  still life as I now know it, but used to copy from a favourite Walt Disney Book!

I have fond memories sitting for hours upon hours drawing, sketching, rubbing out, sketching some more and then adding colour to my finished sketches.   Then as I started High School I fell in love with the process of Art  and Painting, I painted my way through School, but  life flies by so quickly and as our lives get busier and busier, work, marriage and then family, over time I grew away from painting.  When my children were young around 5 and 10 I picked up a paint brush for the first time in years! and like an old glove I just slipped right back into it!

Who would have thought that sitting at my kitchen table at  7 yrs old nearly 36 years ago would have attributed to my major passion and focus in life today!

Thank you Deanna for 1st being a great friend and 2nd for reminding me of my Art Roots ! and allowing me to return to them for a while and share them with you all!  


A work in progress….

Ok I am having fun with these photomontage/Acrylic Skin artworks at the moment… so I am going to start another one… but this time I am going to mix it up a little more… I am going to start with a background… and add bits and pieces of photos and then also paint images onto this montage at the same time… when I am happy with this then I will turn it into a skin and then work on the substrate.

Bare with me … I will go and start on it and pop some photos up shortly  so you can keep track on what and how I am creating this 🙂

see ya shortly 😉 cheers D

“Little Pears” inspired by LE Tour De France …

I have been watching Le Tour De France again !! yay and really enjoying it! and as usual every year as I sit and watch this Beautiful landscape and enjoy seeing and hearing the history of the chateau’s and castles of France I can’t help be inspired to paint something “French” lol …. so… with that in mind… Something a little different for me … have been playing around with creating artworks in the Fresco Style … with the plaster texture look and washes …

 Just a little info on what is Fresco?

Fresco painting is a very old technique. It reached the height of splendor with the Renaissance masters and was used to decorate buildings and church vaults. A fresco is painted on fresh (fresco) plaster made of slaked lime and sieved siliceous river sand plus pigments diluted with plain water. The painting must be done quickly and surely, before the base has time to dry. (Murals are instead painted over dry plaster). The chemical reaction between the calcium hydrate and carbonic acid in the atmosphere fixes the painting and makes it insoluble. This technique was used to decorate buildings and church vaults. Frescoe artworks normally do not have bright colors in them, and usually are painted in the earthy Itialian colours.

Little Pears

"Little Pears"


Takamatua … see what a little texture can do …

I have started to add some vines and leaves to this artwork…by the way the leaves are handmade by myself … a little time-consuming but well worth it in the end I think!

Takamutua ... vines and some leaves ... still a work in progress...

Close up detail of the handmade leaves and vine

Takamatua …. a work in progress

I havn’t touched this artwork in ages!! so have just finished the painting of the landscape/seascape part of it … now for the texture!!!!! keep watch to see what next !!

arrrgh got to take my daughter to tennis….. so will be back later tonight with a photo!! promise

I have been playing around with … picasa…

Just been playing around with the collage function in Picasa!

I really do love the Christmas holidays… but they have to stop at some stage lol

I love christmas holidays… but I know that I need to stop holidaying soon and start to get the paint brush out again!!

arrrgh … do I have to …………

Talk soon cheers D  🙂