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Art Classes 2012

Art Classes 2012

Art Classes with Donna Steel Contemporary Artist.

Class Mission Statement

LEARN* GROW* CREATE * while having fun discovering your “Creative Self” and unearthing your own “Artistic Voice”.

Explore various forms of Contemporary Art and Mixed Media in a fun and relaxed environment.

Grow in confidence as you learn product knowledge and different techniques to create your own unique works of art.

Things are a little different at the moment, the venue I normally use for my classes is out of use at the moment because of the Quakes, so I have started to teach from home.

Classes are for 3 hours at a time and class numbers will not exceed 7 Students.

For Bookings or more information please contact me here donnasteel1@xtra.co.nz or please feel free to phone me to have a chat about the classes  and what we do Ph 033599125 or Mobile:  027 5070426

Monday Classes – 10am to 1pm – –  Next Classes Start Monday 23rd January 2012  10am to 1pm

Tuesday Classes – 10am to 1pm – Next Classes Start Tuesday 24th January 2012 10am to 1pm

Friday Classes – 10 am to 1pm – – Next Classes Start  Friday 27th January 2012 10am to 1pm

For those of you that cannot make it to a day art class I do teach on a Monday and Thursday Night at Papanui High continuing education Art Classes !

(Monday Classes) Art and Painting  and Mixed Media –  7- 9pm  13th February 2012

Here is a little insight into what we weill be doing in this class…

Ground Work – COMPOSITION! Looking at the differences between Paint- Mediums- Gels – Pastes and Pigments.

  Preparation Of Artwork- Prepare your substrate that you will be creating your artwork on. Learning how to Paint – learning some tried and true painting  techniques – Washes  and learning how to Blend,  layering, using correct pigments and looking at gesso as a great fix it! Looking at Feathering,  Scumbling, scragfitto, and impasto techniques,  . Looking at ways to prepare your substrate, (Gesso) and looking at what mediums and how to use them in your artwork.

  Getting your painting Dressed!  Layering  starting with under painting starting to experiment with washes and blending paints or impasto depending on what style of artwork you are painting and layering with colour texture and detail.

How to paint from photos, images and getting composition correct – graphing etc…  Painting  Landscapes –  hills – trees – sky – water – stones – rocks and looking more closely at blending and shading adding light and highlight effects.

Looking at different types of mixed media ideas – Skins, Transfers, Layering, Embedding and experimenting with different collage ideas.

(Thursday Classes) Art the Next Step- Painting and Mixed Media for Teens – 6-8pm 9th February 2012

To enquire about Term 1 classes for  2012 –  contact Papanui High Continuing Education (03) 3520701


A Small Selection of Artwork created by Students in my Art Classes.


Picked up my brush to continue on my Arrowtown…

Finally picked up my oil brushes!! and started back working on this artwork….
Today I have started detail on the trees, and grass…. still a long ways to go… 😉

Arrowtown "still a work in progress"

Close up - starting to add some detail to the trees and grass

My Latest work in progress Arrowtown…

I have been planning and working toward a Solo Exhibition to be held in 2011… and decided to paint larger more detailed works in oil for this… all artwork will be based on my own photography…

A work in progress - Arrowtown

A work in progress - Arrowtown


A Work in Progress - Arrowtown


A work in progress - Arrowtown

The above photo is where I am up to now … so keep watch on how this artwork progresses!

talk soon cheers D 😉

Follow me over the next 12 months on my Creative Journey!

Hi everyone 🙂

 I am really excited to launch this Weblog!

I found that my website www.donnasteel.co.nz  was starting to get  a little congested so I have decided to start this blog in conjunction with my site!

My blog will be a great informal way of me allowing you into my creative mind! 

    My inspiration for creating works of art comes  from the everyday moments of life.
      This blog is going to follow my creative journey over the next year.  I invite you to share with me in my thoughts, quotes, photos, works in progress shots and  much more!