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Some thoughts…..

Our “Mind” is a funny thing!  I always try to think positively in my life, and try to see good in all situations, not always an easy thing to do !!

I have started up biking again to get fit and shed some unwanted excess pounds !! and I have found that I just love that time to loose myself in my thoughts !  I use this time each morning to help set me up for the day ahead, I feel it centers me and allows me to time to “just B”….

As I was biking this morning a wonderful sentence just came to mind  …

“Nice thoughts – Kind Words” 

 and then when I opened up my little book of Zen Gems tonight, this is the quote that met me!

“Mind is the forerunner of (all good) states.

Our life is the creation of our mind.

If one speaks or acts with pure mind,

happiness follows one as his own shadows that never leaves.

(Quote from The DHAMMAPADA)


Art Class – Art Using Mixed Media 3 more people needed !!

Hi all 🙂 my  Art – Using Mixed Media Class starts  Tuesday Night 26th October at Papanui High 7 to 9pm. 

 If you are thinking about joining an art class , learn about colour – tecture and different styles to paint in …then this is the class for you, phone Papanui High continuing education to book your place! 

 To enrol contact Papanui High Continuing Education (03) 3520701

 Because this class is run through Papanui High School and is a community based class it must have 10 students to go ahead!

We have 3 SPACES AVAILABLE! and then the class can run next week, please spread the word if you know anyone that is interested in coming 🙂

cheers Donna

A little Golden … light relief…

Art – Using Mixed Media Course Term 4 Enrolling Now !

 Join  me have fun and discover your “creative self” by exploring various forms of mixed media.

 We will explore a wide range of acrylic paints, materials, textures and products.

 Learn how to create a wide range of Acrylic Transfers and Skins, experimenting with colour and working with different mediums and grounds, plus learn a whole new range of exciting techniques.

 Hi everybody, I have just about recovered after my Massive Training week in Auckland ! and really wanted to show you some of the things I will be teaching in my Art-Using Mixed Media course starting on the 19th October!

 Bookings are now Open!

Look how easy it is to produce lovely Abstracts !!! Clear Tar Gel,Fluid Acrylics and Airbrush Acrylic
Skin- made up from using Cheese Cloth, Coarse Molding Paste and digital ground with a photocopied image





Lots of different texture to experiment with !


Golden Airbrush Acrylic colours


A small selection …. So Much Product !! Now time to Play!!!


 (Adult and Community Education Courses) – PAPANUI HIGH SCHOOL

Venue Papanui High School  Time: Tuesday 7-9 pm
Course Fee $110
Course Length 7 weeks
Starting Date 19 October
Requirements Nil
Additional Costs Some extra cost for materials

You can also contact me direct if you have any questions.

 For more information please contact Donna Steel donnasteel1@xtra.co.nz or Phone me on 027 5070426 www.donnasteel.co.nz

 To enroll contact Papanui High Continuing Education on (03) 3520701

… mmmm what have I been up to ..just to keep u up to speed…

Gosh I was just looking at the date ! 2nd July already … mmm time has really flown by …  I have been busy teaching this year… which unfortunately  has  meant that I havn’t had a lot of spare time to paint … nor keep updating my blog site … 😦

But I have had heaps of fun experimenting with lots of new and not so new products to me ….

There are so many art products / brands out in the world now … and I don’t have enough Time nor Money to try them all lol … but I am slowing working through the ones I have purchased and still purchasing…

Since I am enjoying my time playing and experimenting with these products I thought it may be fun to share my results and thoughts here on my blog about different products that I experiment with…. just giving some insight from an artists point of view…..

I also thought that I may even start posting some quick tips for  painting and creating also… 

So keep watching this space for more  to come 🙂

Cheers Donna

Playing with more texture, colour and techniques …

I thought I would have some fun over this cold wet weekend and play around with a few techniques and colour washes etc…to take into my Abstract Class tomorrow!  I have finished one but the others are still a work in progress …
Acrylic Paint- Crackle medium – Golden soft gel gloss medium – Flower carved by using gel medium, finished with gold.

Crackle is a awesome medium to work with… I must admit it has always been a bit touch and go with me lol…  just remember if you are going to use crackle just check which one you have as there are different ones on the market and they do work differently.


Sample – acrylic ground for pastels + molding paste- carving into molding paste – still a work in progess

Stated to add a little colour ….

Sample – Acrylic Ground for pastels, mica paste and gel- still a work in progess

A Cold Day

I have just brushed a few light washes over the texture of this artwork to take it from a total abstract to more of a landscape.


Acrylic Encaustic sample two


acrylic encaustic – 1st sample

 I wanted to create some works similar to beeswax, so have played around with some Golden Gel Mediums and Fluid Colours … What do you think? … just remember still works in progress … But I really love the effect so far…  

New Abstract inspired by the Sea/River Bead”

 Molding Paste, Pumice, Golden Fluid acrylics, and Golden Glazing Liquid.

 The Golden Fluid acrylics are beautiful to use, I have added a lot of water to these and used them as a wash, and this artwork s glazed  with the Golden Glazing Liquid


Playing around with colour, texture and mediums…

Life and Soul

I was playing around with different layers of colour, and creating the texture from rubbing off the colour and adding more colour, also using layers and layers of crackle medium.

This artwork is on board.  I was playing around with some “Golden” Fluid Acrylic paint, just to see what effect I could get from it…  I love this one! Its fun to just sit and stare at it, the more I look at it the more images I sea, like birds, fish, love hearts etc…

Still playing around with “Golden”Fluid Acrylic…. you can do so much with colour!

“Golden”  -Is such a beautiful product to work with!!



Playing with Crackle Medium is so much fun! There are several different mediums out there… so make sure you read the product as some are used between layers of paint while others are just painted over the top of paint…. I have used several colours on this artwork including an interference colour which allows the colours to change in different lights!!

Colour-Interference colour- Fibre glass and Crackle