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Another Quick Tip – Blending Acrylic Made Easy with Golden Glazing Liquid!

Blending Acrylic  Made Easy with Golden Glazing Liquid !

How many times have you had trouble with trying to blend acrylic colours?

Acrylic dries fast so can be a real issue for people trying to blend with it!

Glazing is a wonderful way to add depth to your artwork !

There are, several great ways to Blend colours but today I am just going to talk about blending with Golden Glazing Liquid!

Using Golden Glazing Liquid is especially good for those that are new to painting?

You will need : Gel Medium Gloss, Glazing Liquid and 4 different colour Acrylic Fluid paints. (I like to use fluid paint as it doesn’t show brush strokes )

* Golden is the Brand Name, and the name of their product is Glazing Liquid.

1 – Seal your surface  that you are about to paint on,  with a layer of Gloss Gel Medium and allow that to dry.

2- Paint a straight layer of Golden Glazing Liquid over your surface, now it is very IMPORTANT : NOT TO LET THIS DRY B4 THE NEXT STEP!

3 –  On your palate, side by side (do not mix them together!) put an equal amount of  Golden Glazing Liquid and Paint.

4 – Dip your brush into the paint and then glazing liquid and apply straight onto your surface, starting from one side of your surface to about the middle or 3/4 off the way across at that point stop and wipe off any paint left on your brush. ( you should notice that the paint where you started should be way more intense in colour and starting to lighten toward the middle of your surface.)  After you have wiped off  with a cloth or paper towel excess paint on your brush, continue to spread the glaze and paint toward the middle and right across your surface until you reach the other side. ( you should notice by the time you get to the other side you probably will have hardly any paint left just glazing liquid, that is good ! ) * If by this stage the paint is starting to dry and get sticky then STOP  and wait till it is dry b4 you paint any more!

Blending Glazing Liquid, Cad Red Med and Hansa Yellow Med Fluid acrylic paint

5- Now starting  in another area or corner repeat above process with 2 different colours.

Have Fun !!

( and don’t be shy I would love to hear how you got on ! )


Drawing – A Process that Starts with a Mark..

I would really like to thank my good friend Deanna Gracie, not only is she a dear friend but a fabulous Jewellery Designer living in South Shore Christchurch … http://www.nzjewellerydesign.com/news-blog for inspiring me to get back to drawing again ! 

I have a habbit of wherever I go I seem to collect interesting objects… so I have started out to draw some of the interesting things I have collected.

Just a quick tip!  sometimes it is easier to take a photo of what you are drawing to see it in a 2 dimensional way rather than the 3d way we see from our perspective… looking back at these quick sketches I can see lots of things that I needed to do to make them more 3d etc… but must admit haven’t drawn in a very long time… so will be trying to draw one a day for a while and will post on here.. will be interesting to look back and see the improvement over time 😉

Still life drawings

My entrance to the art world started about 36 years ago as a child…. “drawing”.

In those days I didn’t start out by drawing objects or  still life as I now know it, but used to copy from a favourite Walt Disney Book!

I have fond memories sitting for hours upon hours drawing, sketching, rubbing out, sketching some more and then adding colour to my finished sketches.   Then as I started High School I fell in love with the process of Art  and Painting, I painted my way through School, but  life flies by so quickly and as our lives get busier and busier, work, marriage and then family, over time I grew away from painting.  When my children were young around 5 and 10 I picked up a paint brush for the first time in years! and like an old glove I just slipped right back into it!

Who would have thought that sitting at my kitchen table at  7 yrs old nearly 36 years ago would have attributed to my major passion and focus in life today!

Thank you Deanna for 1st being a great friend and 2nd for reminding me of my Art Roots ! and allowing me to return to them for a while and share them with you all!  

Some thoughts…..

Our “Mind” is a funny thing!  I always try to think positively in my life, and try to see good in all situations, not always an easy thing to do !!

I have started up biking again to get fit and shed some unwanted excess pounds !! and I have found that I just love that time to loose myself in my thoughts !  I use this time each morning to help set me up for the day ahead, I feel it centers me and allows me to time to “just B”….

As I was biking this morning a wonderful sentence just came to mind  …

“Nice thoughts – Kind Words” 

 and then when I opened up my little book of Zen Gems tonight, this is the quote that met me!

“Mind is the forerunner of (all good) states.

Our life is the creation of our mind.

If one speaks or acts with pure mind,

happiness follows one as his own shadows that never leaves.

(Quote from The DHAMMAPADA)


Finding space and creating time are two of the most important things I think you need to think about to help you get in a good creative Place! 1. Find a place where you can get into “the zone” without … Continue reading

What is Creativity?

To be creative is one of the hardest  and most physical and emotional taxing things you can do!

1) Be well rested and relaxed!  I find if I am tired and have been rushing around then the last thing I can do is sit down and be able to paint or be creative.

2) Paint, Create what is in your heart and Don’t put pressure on yourself!  Paint what you feel you want to paint Not what others tell you to! This includes painting what you enjoy and love rather than what is in vogue for now.

3) Experiment!  Experiment with using new products, new techniques, and colours etc… When we stay in one place and don’t wish to look outside the box we are comfortable in,  that is when we tend to get stayed and bored in our ways… and then Creativity is usually the first thing to go!

4) Maybe Create with others? Joining an art class, group or simply find a friend to paint with… Painting is such an uplifting thing to do and is always enjoyable with others, you may find very special friendships within your painting groups and also you can kick of different ideas you may have.

1. What is Creativity ?

Noun – Meaning of Creativity – the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretation, etc; originality, progressiveness, or imagination: the need for creativity in modern industry; creativity in the performing arts.

Update- Welcome to 2012!

Hi everyone, just realised that I have not used this blog in well over a year ! not good enough as from now I will be updating what I am up to on this blog and attach the link to my website !

Hope everyone has had a Great Xmas Break and Fantastic New Year! and getting ready for an even Better 2012 !!

Talk soon!

cheers Donna

Here is my interview from Nor’West News