Space – Time – Atmosphere

Finding space and creating time are two of the most important things I think you need to think about to help you get in a good creative Place!

1. Find a place where you can get into “the zone” without being disturbed…

2. You only need a small space just enough room for maybe a table easel, and some paints, brushes and palettes….

3. Think about atmosphere, maybe have your Ipod there set up with speakers, I find music really relaxing and it helps me to loose myself while painting….

It is always a real bonus if you  have a space that you can set up and leave your paints, canvas, art pads etc there without having to pack up after each art session, this saves so much time and effort, and usually allows you to be able to glide in and paint for any amount of time and just glide out and leave everything…..

Dont panic if you don’t have a space as you just need to be a little more organised that’s all!

1.Think about organising your paints and brushes in a carry box… like a tool box that you can easily pack away after use.


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