New Art- Using Mixed Media Course Term 4

Art – Using Mixed Media
Discover your “creative self” by exploring various forms of mixed media.  You will grow in confidence as you learn product knowledge and different techniques to create your own unique works of art. 
Explore an amazing array of materials and textures that can be used with acrylic paints and mediums to create unique artworks.  Learn about acrylic paint, mediums, colour and colour mixing; discover how to create Acrylic Transfers, Skins and experiment with 2d tissue rope.
” little insight into what we will cover over this 7 week Art- Using Mixed Media Course”
 We will learn about acrylic paint, mediums and pigment. 
We will learn about colour what colour is, how it was discovered and how to use a colour wheel and we will experiment with colour mixing and learn how to paint with different techniques blending, shading etc.. and learn to paint skies etc…
We will learn about Paint brushes, and how different paint brushes do different things, and we will experiment with different painting tools.
We will learn about flexible and semi flexible substrates, ie the surfaces that are suitable to create artworks on. eg. canvas, board, paper etc…
Experiment  with different textures and gel medium, pumice(volcanic rock), tissue, paper, fibreglass, canvas sheets, canvas paper, rice, pasta, colour poly pads, poly balls and paua. We will discover some amazing textures when we simply combine different mediums,textures and colour together.
We will learn how to create Acrylic Transfers, Skins and other textured artwork.
“So grab a friend and come along and have heaps of fun while learning heaps of new skills!!”
Course will be at Papanui High School
Tuesday Nights Term 4 7pm -9pm

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