Photomontage/ Acrylic Photo Transfers….

Hi guys thanks for stopping by… I have been busy with my Art Extension Class at Breen’s Intermediate School, and the class has grown from 13 students last term to about 21 students this term!   We have been mainly experimenting with different forms of mixed media, and at the moment we are in the throes of creating a Photomontage Transfer…  

Most of the children have finished their photomontage and next week we will be photocopying them and creating them into a Photo Transfer….  

This is the example of a Photomontage/ acrylic transfer artwork that I have created to show the children what they will be creating…  

Acrylic mixed media photo montage/photo transfer


Double click on image to enlarge it 🙂 

If you would like to have a go at creating a Photomontage/transfer artwork, then I will be posting the info on how to create this artwork shortly!   


😉 cheers Donna


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