How to Create a Photomontage….

– creating your own original design…
1) Select a photo or image  that you would like to use as the background of  your artwork.
2) Select images to be attached to your background photo. (You can select your images from the internet, your own photographs/artworks, magazines, newspapers etc…
3) Cut out the images that you want to use and attach them to the background using a glue stick to create your  overall image.
4) Photocopy this image onto another piece of paper.

1) Find and print an image that you will use as your background.

2)Souce images cut them out and glue them on your background

3) Take photocopies of this image once you are happy with it.

Step 1,2 and 3

When you have made all the montages that you wish then make sure you take heaps of copies of them, you will always keep the original as a template.
Check out my next post how you can turn your Photomontage into different mediums such as acrylic skins and transfers… and then a great quirky piece of art!
sorry guys I have to go and pick up my kids from school and have stuff to do with them so will be back on here with the next instalment of how you can make your montages into  Acrylic Skins and Transfers…
keep watch 😉
talk soon cheers D x



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