“Little Pears” inspired by LE Tour De France …

I have been watching Le Tour De France again !! yay and really enjoying it! and as usual every year as I sit and watch this Beautiful landscape and enjoy seeing and hearing the history of the chateau’s and castles of France I can’t help be inspired to paint something “French” lol …. so… with that in mind… Something a little different for me … have been playing around with creating artworks in the Fresco Style … with the plaster texture look and washes …

 Just a little info on what is Fresco?

Fresco painting is a very old technique. It reached the height of splendor with the Renaissance masters and was used to decorate buildings and church vaults. A fresco is painted on fresh (fresco) plaster made of slaked lime and sieved siliceous river sand plus pigments diluted with plain water. The painting must be done quickly and surely, before the base has time to dry. (Murals are instead painted over dry plaster). The chemical reaction between the calcium hydrate and carbonic acid in the atmosphere fixes the painting and makes it insoluble. This technique was used to decorate buildings and church vaults. Frescoe artworks normally do not have bright colors in them, and usually are painted in the earthy Itialian colours.

Little Pears

"Little Pears"



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