… mmmm what have I been up to ..just to keep u up to speed…

Gosh I was just looking at the date ! 2nd July already … mmm time has really flown by …  I have been busy teaching this year… which unfortunately  has  meant that I havn’t had a lot of spare time to paint … nor keep updating my blog site … 😦

But I have had heaps of fun experimenting with lots of new and not so new products to me ….

There are so many art products / brands out in the world now … and I don’t have enough Time nor Money to try them all lol … but I am slowing working through the ones I have purchased and still purchasing…

Since I am enjoying my time playing and experimenting with these products I thought it may be fun to share my results and thoughts here on my blog about different products that I experiment with…. just giving some insight from an artists point of view…..

I also thought that I may even start posting some quick tips for  painting and creating also… 

So keep watching this space for more  to come 🙂

Cheers Donna


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