Playing with more texture, colour and techniques …

I thought I would have some fun over this cold wet weekend and play around with a few techniques and colour washes etc…to take into my Abstract Class tomorrow!  I have finished one but the others are still a work in progress …
Acrylic Paint- Crackle medium – Golden soft gel gloss medium – Flower carved by using gel medium, finished with gold.

Crackle is a awesome medium to work with… I must admit it has always been a bit touch and go with me lol…  just remember if you are going to use crackle just check which one you have as there are different ones on the market and they do work differently.


Sample – acrylic ground for pastels + molding paste- carving into molding paste – still a work in progess

Stated to add a little colour ….

Sample – Acrylic Ground for pastels, mica paste and gel- still a work in progess

A Cold Day

I have just brushed a few light washes over the texture of this artwork to take it from a total abstract to more of a landscape.


Acrylic Encaustic sample two


acrylic encaustic – 1st sample

 I wanted to create some works similar to beeswax, so have played around with some Golden Gel Mediums and Fluid Colours … What do you think? … just remember still works in progress … But I really love the effect so far…  

New Abstract inspired by the Sea/River Bead”

 Molding Paste, Pumice, Golden Fluid acrylics, and Golden Glazing Liquid.

 The Golden Fluid acrylics are beautiful to use, I have added a lot of water to these and used them as a wash, and this artwork s glazed  with the Golden Glazing Liquid



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