Just went to a information/workshop night about …

Gordon Harris is a great art and graphic store in Christchurch with lovely helpful staff that can help you with your creative journey!!

Last night I went to an evening where we explored different drawing materials  from “Creatacolour”and papers.

We looked at different charcoals and Charcoal powders , Graphite and Graphite powders, and b4 the discovery of graphite for drawing, Silverpoint was used so we looked at that, as well as Nero drawing pencils and water-soluble & non water -soluble, drawing chalk and chalk powder and drawing inks.

Grounds and additives are really important too when fixing your pastels, chalk, charcoal etc to your artwork, and especially when mixing your media around.

We looked at different drawing tools that can create negative space and be used for gently shading. We looked at Kneaded “putty” erasers, natural rubber erasers, vinyl erasers, blending stumps, erasing shields and sandpaper blocks.

It is amazing how using different surfaces affects the way the medium looks as paper with more texture really does give an appearance of more depth! 

So we all know what I will be doing this nice Cold/Wet/Windy weekend!!

yip you guessed it !!! 

“I will be taking myself back to the drawing board lol”



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