Playing around with colour, texture and mediums…

Life and Soul

I was playing around with different layers of colour, and creating the texture from rubbing off the colour and adding more colour, also using layers and layers of crackle medium.

This artwork is on board.  I was playing around with some “Golden” Fluid Acrylic paint, just to see what effect I could get from it…  I love this one! Its fun to just sit and stare at it, the more I look at it the more images I sea, like birds, fish, love hearts etc…

Still playing around with “Golden”Fluid Acrylic…. you can do so much with colour!

“Golden”  -Is such a beautiful product to work with!!



Playing with Crackle Medium is so much fun! There are several different mediums out there… so make sure you read the product as some are used between layers of paint while others are just painted over the top of paint…. I have used several colours on this artwork including an interference colour which allows the colours to change in different lights!!

Colour-Interference colour- Fibre glass and Crackle


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