Can Creativity be Taught?

I came across this a while agoe and I really liked it, so I thought I would share it with you … Food for Thought mmm…


Can creativity be taught?  Well that’s a question without a simple yes or no answer.  Creativity may not be able to be taught directly, but what you can get better at is frequently aligning the circumstances of life which foster the greatest chances for TRUE CREATIVE EXPRESSION.  Creativity is not like a lightning strike, but more like something which manifests itself inside those who learn to foster it and create the right conditions for it to prosper.  Ignore trends.  If you want to be truly creative, you absolutely must ignore trends.  Block them out!  Pay Zero attention to them.  Trends are the polar opposite of creativity.  In many forms of art (especially music) the masses of artists are following whatever the hot trends set forth are.  Then there is the other, smaller group of artists that are pursuing their own path and not really paying attention to external trends in their form of art of choice.  There is certainly more money, fame and instant notoriety for following trends, but most of what is popular is hardly creative.  If you want to make something truly unique, trends are irrelevant.  Looking inside yourself is where you will discover a greater wealth of creativity than available in any hot trend.


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