Blogging with Donna … April already !! what I have been up to!!

Oh my Gosh I can’t believe it is the middle of  April already!!

I started this blog up earlier in the year …  as a way to document my creative journey!

 mmm the only problem being …  that after I started this blog I decided to have a complete break from Art… Painting etc…. so unfortunately  this blog seemed to have  stagnated somewhat!!

I try to put a little of myself in all that I create and paint … and after a while my creative spirit tends to get tired and a little drained! when this happens I usually pack up all my easel’s and paints etc… and have some time out!

Sometimes  this only needs to be a week or two, other times a few months…. I never put a date on it …


When the time is right … picking up a paint brush and splashing some paint around seems just right!

While I had a break from painting… I did start-up again creating mosaics.

I have to go ! will be back later today to finish this blog message of what I have been up to !

talk soon cheers Donna xx


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