Shhhhhhrrrrrrr…..don’t wake the family!!!!

It’s 5 past 10 and all is quiet in the house all my darlings are tucked up in bed…

 Peace at last lol!!

Boy its been so hectic around here …. We have been enjoying the beautiful hot days and long summer nights…

Gosh I had forgotten how wonderful summer holidays are… I love the whole not having to set your alarm to get up early… no having to make School lunches… and no running the kids to here there and everywhere…. schools… sport…. etc…

I thought since it was lovely and quiet and I think I have at least an hour of painting in me I might pick up a brush and keep plodding on with my Arrowtown artwork….

I finished off the stones yesterday.. so now have started with the grass and trees… will show you some more photos soon.

Well anyway… night night all have a good sleep talk to you soon.

Cheers D 😉


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