Never give up on your Dreams!!

 Hi all, I hope you are all enjoying this holiday break and staying nice and safe!

New Year is just around the corner, and it seems to be around this time that we all start to look at our lives and start making New Years Resolutions ….

I was rushing around cleaning up the house and popped on one of my chrissy pressies to listen to … 

I am sure I am one of the millions that got ‘Susan Boyle’s Cd “I Dream a Dream” for xmas heheh ….

But as I listened to her sing I Dream a Dream … and then had a look at what she wrote about this song it made me think  about our dreams…

Obviously from the musical ‘Les Mes’ It’s about a mother living in hard times very similar to my dream on a more personal level, of my “life gone by” with mum who died at the age of  91 and who’s “Dream” it was that I should ‘do something’ with my life.  Mum this is for you”  Susan Boyle

SUSAN BOYLE  proves to me that we should never give up on our ‘DREAMS’ 


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